Defect Scanner Series

Photo of SURFX MEGAWIDE – Glass & Paint Inspection

SURFX MEGAWIDE – Glass & Paint Inspection

SURFX provides a complete in-process transmission surface inspection solution for architectural flat panels with panel sizes up to 3.2 m in dimensions (perpendicular to the direction of the conveyor). It is available in standard and high resolution depending on the…

Photo of EDGE – Glass Inspection

EDGE – Glass Inspection

EDGE provides architectural glass manufacturers with a complete surface and grinded edge inspection, all in a single system. EDGE is a unique, non-contact, inline system providing real-time inspection. This system not only allows manufacturers to improve the quality of their…

Measurement and Sizing of Glass Panels

Photo of DIMX – Dimensional Metrology

DIMX – Dimensional Metrology

SYNERGX Technologies introduced DIMX in 2012 as the first market metrology system capable of 100% Quality Control (QC) on all critical dimensions of flat architectural glass up to a dimension of 950 mm by 1250 mm. DIMX provides fully automated,…