About WINDX (AURA 4.0) – Distortion Measurement

The WINDX system is a real time windshield distortion measurement system installed at the end of the production line which operates at full production speed.

WINDX is a field proven, patented measurement and yield management solution that provides fully automated, non-contact measurement of optical distortion in automotive glass.

An offline version is used in a laboratory environment for in-depth analysis (WINDX Lab).

These systems are operating in automotive glass manufacturing factories worldwide.



  • Distortion measurement precision of up to 5 milli-diopters (mdpt) for windshields, backlites and sidelites
  • Unique software algorithm providing enhanced tolerance to dirt, dust or defrost lines
  • Industry-leading less than 15 sec cycle time
  • Various measurement statistics (maximum value and position, maximum Rate of Change (ROC) value and position, average and standard deviation)

Key Benefits

  • Reliable and repeatable horizontal/vertical optical distortion measurement
  • Provide real-time process feedback
  • Robust solution for industrial environment as a result of high tolerance to dust or dirt marks commonly found on a production floor
  • No costly recalls and ensures consistent distortion tolerances

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