The DIMX 3D Laser Scan is a state-of-the-art high-accuracy/high-speed 3D scanner for inline measurement of manufactured parts.

The system consists of the FLY library, a high level software library SKEYE, a scanning head and a vision controller. The set is designed to work in conjunction with a 6-axis robot or in a CNC machine to rapidly create and analyze a 3D representation of parts, with an accuracy as high as 25 µm.

The SYNERGX DIMX 3D system meets the high reproducibility and low variability needs of the most demanding industrial application.




  • Adaptable to a variety of applications and surface
  • Provided with a smart controller supporting one, or two, SKEYE scanner with no performance degradation
  • Interface with standard 3rd party software

Key Benefits

  • Ability to perform fully automatic 100% inline inspection for complex shapes
  • Two resolutions available, 25mm & 200mm, for maximum versatility
  • High static accuracy of 5 microns for precise measurement
  • Powerful software library (FLY) to easily integrate and manage complex mechanical models in real-time
  • Robust to different surface finish, including highly reflective surface finish
  • Solid state design allows operation in industrial environment
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